Our technicians are able to repair locked airbag modules after the airbags have gone off potentially saving you hundreds of pounds starting from £50.

In the past, if there was an issue with your airbag you had to get it replaced at a great cost to you.
Technological advances have meant that this no longer be the case, with our expert staff and technology we are able to:

Locate Module

Your module will be sent back after repair and will work as if you had bought a new one. The module will work in exactly the same way as your original.

If we can not reset your ECU the only cost to you is the postage back. The module will work in exactly the same way as your original one. 

If your SRS light comes on and stays on, this will be an M.O.T fail. If the SRS light does not come on at all then that is also a fail.
Your airbag SRS light should come on and go of showing the car is doing the correct diagnostic tests ensuring the system is fully working.

Our Customers Include

Insurance companies, Used Car dealerships, Main Dealers, Body shops, Auto electricians, Mechanics and the general public.